The thought of chilling between her curvy thighs left a tingle on my pickle. I could not believe my luck. Last time I sampled a MILF was a while ago. Good memories indeed. Without further delay , I introduced myself. “Hey, my name is Tunde. Am a friend of your daughter “. Can you believe me that I had already forgotten about where I was and in that instant my soldier was standing into attention , ready to fire away my toy soldiers. I was pre planning the link already. Moving on from the daughter , and thinking of ways to drain my chocolate pipe. 

“Tasha! , are you home this weekend” I whispered. Knowing full well that she was out on some rave ting and her mum will be home alone. Without even waiting for a confirmation , I yelled – have fun babes. Ring me if there is anything you need. (Darm I am feeling devious). I want her. I need her. Lets fuck , is all I can think off. 



“What’s that noise” I whispered. “Have you got another link coming up” my voice raised and already getting vexed, I got up and reached out for my boxers. Reaching out for my phone on her Ikea table , the footsteps edged even closer. I start to get getting apprenhisive with the thought of another nigga coming up the yard like that. Has this bitch been smacking another dude at the same time. Two timing bitch. “I wondered”. If its a man , darm right am bashing him. “I gestured to Tasha”. That FUCK YOU SIGN.The look on her face said it all. Guilty as Abu hamza. Her make up started melting up , as she started the cold sweat. As the footsteps edged even closer and closer , I positioned myself at the door. Ready to RUMBLE. 

Knock! knock! , the door swang open. Tasha, it’s mum. Dinner is ready – “The soft sleaky voice echoed through the room. I could not believe what I was looking at. A sexy, curvy 40 ish old ! Bored housewife .. Ding dong , went a tinkle on my pistol ……..


Shit. The Mrs sure wasn’t pleased with my ‘get ready and do a runner’ approach. 7 missed calls and a text- Where the fuck did u go? U aint even had breakfast. Laying next to Tasha, I think up an excuse- like I do so often. Jazzy needed a lift across town. Be back soon. Send.I felt like a king, forever squirming my way out of sticky situations. Always having my cake and eating it too- literally. My phone beeped almost instantly. You’ve been doing a lot of this ‘lifting’. Speak later, if I’m home. Fuck off bitch, don’t give me that bullshit. I switched my phone on silent, dismissing any other missed call and texts. I looked back to this hoe, who was looking like she’d been through world war III and back again.

‘So what? You got some munch for me, babes?’ Tasha looked at me with that naughty look in her eye- one that says ‘come get me, Daddy’. She spread her smooth, curvy legs open and blinked innocently. ‘Real food?’ Giving her that I didn’t look too impressed look. Why’s this bitch asking me to eat her when I done fed her vagina just now?

‘I’m hungry too’ Damn, this bitch doesn’t give up! Although I weren’t complaining, Tasha always held it down whenever i had a nut or two to buss. I weren’t going to say no to her offer, grabbing her by her waist, I hoisted her up and positioned her on top of him. Then, without a care, i forced her head down till her mouth was where it should be. Every hoe should start her day with the chocolate stick. Every woman even.

Tasha started off with little; small small licks- as if she’d never tasted the chocolate before. Man aint got time for likkle girl antics. I pulled her head up by her hair and yanked it back down until she had taken in his whole manhood. That’s right- choke! She moved up and down, flicking her tongue up and down his shaft and rotating it around his head. He moved in and out, closing my eyes and feeling the pleasure and intensity felt with Tasha only.

Sarah hadn’t given me any mind-blowing head since the 1st year of the relationship.Slurp, slurp, slurp. Slosh, slosh, slosh.

I didn’t even attempt to warn Tasha i was going to come and let out a huge ‘aaaaah’ as I exploded in her mouth. My body stiffened up and shook as I blew another load of my toy soldiers on her pretty forehead. That’s right swallow them babies. Me and Tashas eyes shot wide open as a door slam downstairs.

‘The fuck? Who the fuck is that?’


So there it was, no questions asked. She’s a hoe, and of course she wants the dick. I text back “safe I’ll be there in half hour leave door open!” I run up the stairs and jump in the shower ready for what’s about to happen. The thought of food has totally escaped my mind. I just want to fuck to be honest. Now out the shower, I quickly cream and get dressed. No extreme effort needs to be made for this chick. She just a bang ting!
“It’s nothing” I think to myself with a smirk as look in the mirror. Thinking, I can’t wait. This chick is going to get it… The romance between me and the Mrs. is long gone and the sex is whack, so who can blame me. “Fuck it” Grabbing some rubbers out the drawer (I aren’t about that life) I proceed out the yard, jump in my whip and I’m en route. Half way there I receive a text, “Hurry up B, I’m wet just thinking about you. Come give me that chocolate”. Oh damn she’s a dirty bitch. Pulling up outside her yard, I turn my phone off. I don’t need interruptions. Please believe. I Jump out of the whip, park up the path. Opening the front door i make my way straight up the stairs. Heart racing, my wood is on a mad one. No lies. I open the bedroom door and she’s laid there on her stomach naked. Hair in curls, skin looking pristine in her candle lit bedroom. In my head am thinking woiiiiiiiiiii

“Yo babes, where have you been? You were ages” she says slightly pissed off as I took so long. “What you want from man, I said half hour. I was on 45 minutes. Think you self lucky. Now come here baby” Back arched, she rises on all fours and crawls to the edge of the bed where I’m stood. I go in for a kiss as you do. No time wasting.

“Lowe that lovey dovey shit B you know why I came here”. She giggles back at me like I’m joking. I push her so she’s laid on her back. Take of my garment being careful not to scratch the Gucci. As for her, I show no mercy to her PRIMANI nighty as I rip it the “HULK” style. I pass her the rubber. She’s is what we call, seasoned pro which means she knows what to do. Climbing on the bed I can’t wait to fuck her. Hunger and hung-over have no affects on me anymore. I kiss her inner thigh, reaching up to grab her breast.

Damn they feel good as she’s starts to moan. She wants me to eat the cake, but time is at the essence. Tease that shit out. I lie next to her bearing in mind she’s the one who does know what time it is. She smiles and says “wow someone’s happy to see me, let’s see what we can do about this”. She groans as her mouth is around me.

The feeling get immense as she goes faster and faster, the saliva oozing from the corners of her mouth. She opens the packet and places it on me. Sitting up, I push her so she’s on her back. Putting her legs on my shoulders, I slide into her. FUCK she feels good.

In and out circular movements I am going in. She moans real loud. Pinching my chest with her nails cheap looking Chinese manicure. I flip her over so she’s on all fours. I press in her back so she arches it, and again I slip the chocolate stick in her while grabbing her hair. Pulling her head back, she’s screaming my name and telling me to go faster. It’s about that time not going lie. I bite my bottom lip the look on her face is CRAY. Heavy breathing it’s here oh yeah it’s here squeezing my teeth together… Phewww it’s over. Damn I pull out, throw the used rubber in the bin and lay next to her gathering my thoughts. After 15mins of her telling me how good it was, I grab my phone and turn it on. Bare missed calls and texts for fuck sake..


Sunday morning. Darm! It’s already 12 o’clock. Why do I always put myself through this? (Go out drinking with the lads every weekend), why cant I be a responsible boyfriend and treat my girlfriend to a nice romantic night in! All of these thoughts and many more went through my head as I casually stroll down the stairs straight to the kitchen room. The man’s room as I call it after a heavy night out. 

Ring! Ring! Ring! My phone rings. Picking it up I yelp,” hello” it’s jazzy. Dazed and in amazement, as he never calls me (we tweet this days) I blurt out, why did you call me!The dreaded question follows. The worst to ever be asked after a night out. Am talking about “Do you know what happened last night” question. No! I replied. I was wasted. Well, he went on anyway. You got off with this, that, those……….. Just before he could go any further, the girlfriend entered the room. “I will ring you later” I hastily said. Putting the phone down.”Morning darling”, was my exact greeting to Sarah.Always selling dreams. Pardon my the pun! 

What ensured was a cold look, stunned face and emotions less reaction. “What the fuck happened to ringing me last night. Not even a txt to let me know you was ok. It’s like you don’t care about my feelings anymore. Actually you can sleep on the sofa. P.s. panty vile is closed”. Before I could even reply she, slammed the door and walked out of the house.Just like any man, instead of dealing with the situation, I decided to Ignore it and hope it sort itself. My man even contemplated tweeting about the situation. Pulling out the Iphone , i went to that one contact needed for this kind of times. The”link”. You know that chick you have when your ting is up.Tasha was a dick loving whore. Especially when it came to the black dicks. She couldn’t get enough. Always horny and always willing, she was perfect for the situation.

“Yo, you home. Man need to see you urgent” the txt flew away. Two minutes later “I am babes, what you up to, fancy coming see me. Btw bring some conny!”