Sunday morning. Darm! It’s already 12 o’clock. Why do I always put myself through this? (Go out drinking with the lads every weekend), why cant I be a responsible boyfriend and treat my girlfriend to a nice romantic night in! All of these thoughts and many more went through my head as I casually stroll down the stairs straight to the kitchen room. The man’s room as I call it after a heavy night out. 

Ring! Ring! Ring! My phone rings. Picking it up I yelp,” hello” it’s jazzy. Dazed and in amazement, as he never calls me (we tweet this days) I blurt out, why did you call me!The dreaded question follows. The worst to ever be asked after a night out. Am talking about “Do you know what happened last night” question. No! I replied. I was wasted. Well, he went on anyway. You got off with this, that, those……….. Just before he could go any further, the girlfriend entered the room. “I will ring you later” I hastily said. Putting the phone down.”Morning darling”, was my exact greeting to Sarah.Always selling dreams. Pardon my the pun! 

What ensured was a cold look, stunned face and emotions less reaction. “What the fuck happened to ringing me last night. Not even a txt to let me know you was ok. It’s like you don’t care about my feelings anymore. Actually you can sleep on the sofa. P.s. panty vile is closed”. Before I could even reply she, slammed the door and walked out of the house.Just like any man, instead of dealing with the situation, I decided to Ignore it and hope it sort itself. My man even contemplated tweeting about the situation. Pulling out the Iphone , i went to that one contact needed for this kind of times. The”link”. You know that chick you have when your ting is up.Tasha was a dick loving whore. Especially when it came to the black dicks. She couldn’t get enough. Always horny and always willing, she was perfect for the situation.

“Yo, you home. Man need to see you urgent” the txt flew away. Two minutes later “I am babes, what you up to, fancy coming see me. Btw bring some conny!”


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