So there it was, no questions asked. She’s a hoe, and of course she wants the dick. I text back “safe I’ll be there in half hour leave door open!” I run up the stairs and jump in the shower ready for what’s about to happen. The thought of food has totally escaped my mind. I just want to fuck to be honest. Now out the shower, I quickly cream and get dressed. No extreme effort needs to be made for this chick. She just a bang ting!
“It’s nothing” I think to myself with a smirk as look in the mirror. Thinking, I can’t wait. This chick is going to get it… The romance between me and the Mrs. is long gone and the sex is whack, so who can blame me. “Fuck it” Grabbing some rubbers out the drawer (I aren’t about that life) I proceed out the yard, jump in my whip and I’m en route. Half way there I receive a text, “Hurry up B, I’m wet just thinking about you. Come give me that chocolate”. Oh damn she’s a dirty bitch. Pulling up outside her yard, I turn my phone off. I don’t need interruptions. Please believe. I Jump out of the whip, park up the path. Opening the front door i make my way straight up the stairs. Heart racing, my wood is on a mad one. No lies. I open the bedroom door and she’s laid there on her stomach naked. Hair in curls, skin looking pristine in her candle lit bedroom. In my head am thinking woiiiiiiiiiii

“Yo babes, where have you been? You were ages” she says slightly pissed off as I took so long. “What you want from man, I said half hour. I was on 45 minutes. Think you self lucky. Now come here baby” Back arched, she rises on all fours and crawls to the edge of the bed where I’m stood. I go in for a kiss as you do. No time wasting.

“Lowe that lovey dovey shit B you know why I came here”. She giggles back at me like I’m joking. I push her so she’s laid on her back. Take of my garment being careful not to scratch the Gucci. As for her, I show no mercy to her PRIMANI nighty as I rip it the “HULK” style. I pass her the rubber. She’s is what we call, seasoned pro which means she knows what to do. Climbing on the bed I can’t wait to fuck her. Hunger and hung-over have no affects on me anymore. I kiss her inner thigh, reaching up to grab her breast.

Damn they feel good as she’s starts to moan. She wants me to eat the cake, but time is at the essence. Tease that shit out. I lie next to her bearing in mind she’s the one who does know what time it is. She smiles and says “wow someone’s happy to see me, let’s see what we can do about this”. She groans as her mouth is around me.

The feeling get immense as she goes faster and faster, the saliva oozing from the corners of her mouth. She opens the packet and places it on me. Sitting up, I push her so she’s on her back. Putting her legs on my shoulders, I slide into her. FUCK she feels good.

In and out circular movements I am going in. She moans real loud. Pinching my chest with her nails cheap looking Chinese manicure. I flip her over so she’s on all fours. I press in her back so she arches it, and again I slip the chocolate stick in her while grabbing her hair. Pulling her head back, she’s screaming my name and telling me to go faster. It’s about that time not going lie. I bite my bottom lip the look on her face is CRAY. Heavy breathing it’s here oh yeah it’s here squeezing my teeth together… Phewww it’s over. Damn I pull out, throw the used rubber in the bin and lay next to her gathering my thoughts. After 15mins of her telling me how good it was, I grab my phone and turn it on. Bare missed calls and texts for fuck sake..


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