Shit. The Mrs sure wasn’t pleased with my ‘get ready and do a runner’ approach. 7 missed calls and a text- Where the fuck did u go? U aint even had breakfast. Laying next to Tasha, I think up an excuse- like I do so often. Jazzy needed a lift across town. Be back soon. Send.I felt like a king, forever squirming my way out of sticky situations. Always having my cake and eating it too- literally. My phone beeped almost instantly. You’ve been doing a lot of this ‘lifting’. Speak later, if I’m home. Fuck off bitch, don’t give me that bullshit. I switched my phone on silent, dismissing any other missed call and texts. I looked back to this hoe, who was looking like she’d been through world war III and back again.

‘So what? You got some munch for me, babes?’ Tasha looked at me with that naughty look in her eye- one that says ‘come get me, Daddy’. She spread her smooth, curvy legs open and blinked innocently. ‘Real food?’ Giving her that I didn’t look too impressed look. Why’s this bitch asking me to eat her when I done fed her vagina just now?

‘I’m hungry too’ Damn, this bitch doesn’t give up! Although I weren’t complaining, Tasha always held it down whenever i had a nut or two to buss. I weren’t going to say no to her offer, grabbing her by her waist, I hoisted her up and positioned her on top of him. Then, without a care, i forced her head down till her mouth was where it should be. Every hoe should start her day with the chocolate stick. Every woman even.

Tasha started off with little; small small licks- as if she’d never tasted the chocolate before. Man aint got time for likkle girl antics. I pulled her head up by her hair and yanked it back down until she had taken in his whole manhood. That’s right- choke! She moved up and down, flicking her tongue up and down his shaft and rotating it around his head. He moved in and out, closing my eyes and feeling the pleasure and intensity felt with Tasha only.

Sarah hadn’t given me any mind-blowing head since the 1st year of the relationship.Slurp, slurp, slurp. Slosh, slosh, slosh.

I didn’t even attempt to warn Tasha i was going to come and let out a huge ‘aaaaah’ as I exploded in her mouth. My body stiffened up and shook as I blew another load of my toy soldiers on her pretty forehead. That’s right swallow them babies. Me and Tashas eyes shot wide open as a door slam downstairs.

‘The fuck? Who the fuck is that?’


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