“What’s that noise” I whispered. “Have you got another link coming up” my voice raised and already getting vexed, I got up and reached out for my boxers. Reaching out for my phone on her Ikea table , the footsteps edged even closer. I start to get getting apprenhisive with the thought of another nigga coming up the yard like that. Has this bitch been smacking another dude at the same time. Two timing bitch. “I wondered”. If its a man , darm right am bashing him. “I gestured to Tasha”. That FUCK YOU SIGN.The look on her face said it all. Guilty as Abu hamza. Her make up started melting up , as she started the cold sweat. As the footsteps edged even closer and closer , I positioned myself at the door. Ready to RUMBLE. 

Knock! knock! , the door swang open. Tasha, it’s mum. Dinner is ready – “The soft sleaky voice echoed through the room. I could not believe what I was looking at. A sexy, curvy 40 ish old ! Bored housewife .. Ding dong , went a tinkle on my pistol ……..


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