The thought of chilling between her curvy thighs left a tingle on my pickle. I could not believe my luck. Last time I sampled a MILF was a while ago. Good memories indeed. Without further delay , I introduced myself. “Hey, my name is Tunde. Am a friend of your daughter “. Can you believe me that I had already forgotten about where I was and in that instant my soldier was standing into attention , ready to fire away my toy soldiers. I was pre planning the link already. Moving on from the daughter , and thinking of ways to drain my chocolate pipe. 

“Tasha! , are you home this weekend” I whispered. Knowing full well that she was out on some rave ting and her mum will be home alone. Without even waiting for a confirmation , I yelled – have fun babes. Ring me if there is anything you need. (Darm I am feeling devious). I want her. I need her. Lets fuck , is all I can think off. 


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